What is a good plan to get my ex back from his rebound relationship?

Im pretty sure my ex is in a rebound relationship. Weve been broke up over a year. Weve stayed in contact & its always been him who initiates. We've had miscommunications over the time of our break up, we basically thought the other didn't want the other. But never really talked about it. I always pushed him away out of anger. He told me he got a girlfriend because he was lonely & thought I moved on, because I showed no feelings. When really all I wanted was to work it out. He says he still loves me & didn't want to tell me to wait, but we never know what could happen. He says this relationship is not the same as what we had & its not what it seems. He also asked me not to be so mean/angry toward him when he tries to talk to me. Which since then (a little over a week ago) I have been my normal friendly/silly/caring self to him.

I admit this is not easy! My emotions are killing me. One day I'm fine, the next I'm not! I don't know what to do now. I don't want him to think I'm waiting around, but I don't want him to think I'm not interested again. Part of me feels like he thinks he has me. Maybe I should just be patient & give him time. Any opinions/suggestions appreciated!


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  • I think you're doing find. Just don't pressure him too much, but tell him how you feel.

    • Thanx! I told him how I felt today & my emotions almost got the best of me..but not too bad. I chilled out I got too angry. I seen her leaving his neighborhood when I was on my way to work this morn & I knew he would text me short after. Needless 20 min after I seen her, he text me. It did hurt my feelings. I have to expect this. Plus, His girlfriend is one of his long time best girl-friends..so I am bothered by that. But I won't pressure him, thanks for your advice!

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    • No she's not MY friend.She's been good friends with my EX for a long time.(Prob 9 yrs, him & I have known each other 8 yrs,together over 5 years) Sorry I didn't word it clear.She's been there for him during the break up & I guess they caught feelins for eachother.Which is understandable.We talked on the phone almost 2 hrs, I asked him if he's happy, he said for the most part. Then y text me almost everyday!?Weve been broke up a year & a half.I don't get it.Maybe I should use psychological tactic!ha!

    • Go for it => link

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  • go tell him how you feel... just open yourself to him... just once... so that you never think "maybe I cud have said this...maybe I cud have tried". just make sure he knows how you feel truly. there is no need to beg or plead of course. then the ball will be in his court... if he responds well and good...if he doesn't then at least you know that you tried your best and that there was no miscommunication on your part...

    try this. hope it works...

    • Thanks much! This seems to be everyones answer. I guess I just have this fear its not going to go the way I want. I can't let fear control me though! I appreciate your time & advice! =)

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