My ex's friend almost proposes to me.....within 25 days of our breakup!!!

my ex and I broke up our 5 year long relationship in the end of december... his friend first started messaging me and telling me how sorry he was that we broke up...etc... he even said he would talk to my ex about patch up...

my ex and I have not been talking since jan 1. today his friend sent me a song (dedicated to me)..and then asked me to meet him... when I refused he got all weird. he started saying things like "i can't let you go from my life... I willl miss you so much. a girl likes me but I never paid any attention to her because of you"...then he goes on " you are very imp to me... I always wanted us hud b with a gud guy who will understand u"...

there is no way I can ever date my ex's friend... that would be sooooooo weird and I guess a little against the rules..

but my question is... I am feeling bad that his friend had the guts to say all these things to me... like my ex must be really showing that I mean zilch to him... that's y his friend went to all this extent...

do you think guys that my ex must be knowing of his friend's advances? like we have been with each other fr 5 whole years! if that turns out to be true I will be damn hurt.

why no replies guys


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  • I really really really doubt he is thinking about your exs feelings. He has obviously liked you for a long time an thinks now is a good time.


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