My Girl Is mad @ ME please HELP!

Well just this morning I was talking to the girl of my dreams, until today she had always said she loved me but when I asked her what was wrong today. she told me that her ex had asked her out and that she had tried to aviod answering the question but apperantly they are going out now. I asked her if she wanted to get back with him... she said she loved him. So I said that I didn't now what to say and then she completly Flipped out on me. She said " ITS NOT MY FAULT. YOU ASKED WHAT WAS WRONG AND I ANSWERED. LOOK I DONT NEED THIS IM LEAVING AND DONT BOTHER TXTING, MESSAGING, OR IM ING ME ANYMORE YOUR A BAD FREIND AND MAYBE IT WAS HIM WHO I SHOULD HAVE BEEN WITH FROM THE START." I told her " OK I can see your mad, just take care of yourself. She Replied look "STFU I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT" and then she logged off. Later I found out that she deleteed me from her facebook. And told her freind that I was being a jerk, that throws a bitch fit when ever I don't hear what I want. Now I don't know if I'm mistaken but I didn't throw a bitch fit, yea I was upset but it wasn't all that serious. Please HELP!


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  • Ok first off when you asked her what happened and she answered you said you didn't know what to say well it was obvious from the start that she wanted you to tell her not to have any dealings with her ex. Why? Because a girl would always want a boy friend that's just a little bit jealous so she can feel like he cares about who she talks to this way she can feel like she is loved. Your best bet is to call her, text her, message her do everything make her feel like you care to be with her so she can realize that she should be with you and not her ex and also show her that he is an ex for a reason. You wear the pants in the relationship so act like it let her know that her and her ex aren't going any where.

    xoxo ~ Good Luck ~xoxo


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  • To be honest, you should just move on. This girl is obviously really confused right now, and you should just not talk to her. If you really want her back, the worst possible thing you can do is talk to her. You need to give her space for awhile, and if you guys get back together in the future, it'll be because she comes back to you, not the other way around.

  • she sounds like a psycho bitch. no offense.


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