Is this really why my boyfriend broke up with me?

me and my boyfriend just broke up a few nights ago after a fight about something he did that was clearly wrong and he knew it. I went in with the intentions of breaking up with him but then it all turned around and he ended up breaking up with me. he said he was doing it for me because I deserve better and he hates watching me get hurt over and over. he says sorry a lot and tells me he still cares about me but is that all true? or is he just too nice to tell me the real reason he's breaking up with me...


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  • I don't know. He could be trying to reverse-psychology you. If he knew that you were likely going to break up with him that night, he might have just tried to beat you to the punch- either because he thought that it might make you change your mind and want him back, or just to spare his ego (since you're in high school, I wouldn't be surprised if it's the latter). I would put a little distance between myself and this guy. See what happens. Take what he says at face value about not wanting to hurt you anymore and tell yourself "okay, if he thinks he's just going to hurt me then I'll believe him. I'll move on so that he won't hurt me." If he won't let you go, or keeps trying to be a part of your life, then he definitely still has some sort of feelings for you. The problem is, you've got to then determine what those feelings are. Does he want you just because he can't have you or does he truly care about you? Perhaps some space might give him time to think and to sort himself out. If he really thinks that he's just going to keep hurting you, but turns out still wanting a relationship with you, then he's gotta examine himself and figure out how he can be a better boyfriend. IF you get to a point where you guys are possibly going to be getting back together, you should make this clear to him.


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  • If you were planning on breaking up with him, you clearly had your own reasons for ending it. Focus on them, and try moving on and someday you'll meet someone who will treat you better.

  • i wanna know first that do you truly lov him .but first you need to find it somehow through your friendz or by yourself that what is the specific reason and if you can't jus go ask him and if he says that ''u deserve better'' again,tell him you deserve him and he is the only one for u.

    something might hav happened because someone breaks up with someone for a specific reason not jus like that.

    u really need to find that out.

    and on this site I really help people for love and with breaks up because I feel love means to b together and I hate when people break up.

    if you need someone to talk to or wanna share something, feeling lonely because these things come up with weird feelings so whenver you need someone to talk to or ask or need suggestions please feel free to mesage me I will happy to help as soon as I can.

    take care good luck! :)

    • yeah I really did love him and still do. but you're really right about all of that and thank you so much for offering your help! :)

    • ur welcome as I said I don't like when someone breaks up o matter who that person. I might b kind a psycho but the truth is am 17 and had a rough life I lost someone really closer ro my heart and he can't never b back so I like know how it feels the pain the worst feeling. because you know love is the best feeling anyone can ever hav. and I want everyone to b in love even though he cannot come back but I wanna help others. I would b happy to help!

  • that happened to me I was head over heels with a guy and I wanna gonna dump him after Christmas and new years he dumped me Christmas day! and that night I got the nerve to go down to his and get all my stuff and he came running back aat first I was really upset just acting tough and I text him lieing that I had men all over me and he came running back! when he found out it was a lie he didn't speak to me again! so F*** HIM! after a week I went back to myself I was happy REALLY happy and so should you! go have fun with out him he is right he was hurting you and you know it!

    • yeah I'm planning on just not talking to him at all for atleastttt a few weeks and giving him space and just seeing what happens. either we'll get back together or ill realize I'm way happier without him. whichever happens its gonna happen for a reason :) thank you!

    • through those few weeks just go out have a great night out on the town with all the girls you know do make overs just go have fun! becuase a man won't cheer you up as much as your girls can

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