Should I stay or should I go after he cheated?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for 4 years off and on due to distance. We have been together officially for a year and 5 months with no break ups. I just found out last week he cheated on me 3 months ago and slept with another girl. He lied to my face over and over again all week until l I took it into my own hands and message the girls from his Facebook and he then confessed. He hurt me so much and staying or going either will will be the hardest thing ever, I still feel the same way about him and see him in my future...what would you do?


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  • it all depends on the guy. is he kinda a big flirt. have you googled his email address, screen names, checked out the adult dating sites to see if he is a "member"? If he is messing around and you said you don't live near him ,right? He may try to get away with it again...unless he is generally not that player all depends on how he is. Trust your gut...a woman always knows!

    p.s. does he talk / leave comments on your facebook page ?

  • If you see hope, try to regain trust by taking it really slow, more like friends. That way you will know if he really likes you because he can be with you and hang out with you as friends, meaning he really appreciates your company and he really does like your personality. Also, make sure he really is sorry and not just saying it to get you back, make sure he is saying it because he is hurt over the fact that he hurt you. All I can say is never say never, maybe you'll get back together and everything will be different in a much better way, maybe.


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