My boyfriend of three months still calls his ex to pick up their dog?

I'm not being childish but do not want to have a relationship with a man that is so attached to his dog that his ex will be in our life and he must contact her to see the dog. Should I go with my feelings and just move on. I don't want him to choose between me and his dog but if the dog comes with the ex then I must say goodbye to otherwise a great guy. Should I just walk away because I told him I don't like it but he states the only way to see the dog is to contact her. I feel they both use the dog to keep in touch and maybe the should! I should just leave!


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  • My dog is awesome. I would find a different old lady if she tried to keep me away from my little buddy. I think he just wants to see his dog and how could that be a big deal.

    • It's not a big deal but I just don't think you can have a smooth relationship with anyone if the ex's are still in the picture. If there are children then that is understandable. Maybe my feelings are wrong which is the reason I'm asking the opinion of others. I do believe it is is unbiblical cord issue and a reason to stay in touch. I don't want to separate him from his dog but I don't want to move forward with the ex in the picture. If the only way he can see the dog is via the ex and then the relationship is not for me. Any suggestions?

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  • I don't want to make assumptions here but you seem to not be a very big animal lover. As a huge animal lover if it was a choice between my pets (who- not to seem sad- are like my children and a member of my family) and a partner, I would choose the pets. Now if it were a health reason, like they were severely allergic to cat hair, I might be swayed. Regardless, you need to appreciate that many people do maintain contact with their exes. It's not always the end of the world and she's not necessarily a threat to you. I'd just take the high road and deal with it.

    • Thanks for the comment...Oh I love the dog and animals. However she always have something to do with the dog when I'm around and we want to see the dog but the moment I'm away or on a business trip then the dog is always available my my Boyfriend to pick up. Coincidence...maybe! She's not a threat but the games that is being played (my being around the dog) may be.

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