How bad is this? ex dumped me a few weeks ago and we recently started talking (I contacted him) and he said he wants to try again in the future POSSIBLY but he doesn't know what he wants right now but he knows he wants to be alone for the time being and we arranged to meet up to talk in about a month or so. Everything was fine. Thennnn last night I got pretty drunk and kissed some guy (only kissing) and texted my ex about how it didn't feel like anything and I didn't enjoy it and stuff and he was pretty mad and said he doesn't want to hear about it but "you should date other guys cause I have no right to tell you not to." And I kept texting him and finally he was like "Leave me alone." Ugh I hate alcohol. How bad is this? Now I'm worried he won't consider getting back with me cause he knows how much I want him back.


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  • I went through the same thing with my ex in the summer. She sounds almost EXACTLY like him with the whole "doesn't know what he wants right now" and the "you should date other girls because I have no right to tell you not to." I mean almost verbatum what she said, that's kinda creepy. I didn't kiss anyone else in this time, but I was seeing someone when she contacted me and I quickly broke that off. We too had arranged to meet up in the future to talk. Only, her and I had been broken up for about 6 months at this point. We talked over FB for about two weeks, and she kept telling me how she was thinking about what she wanted. Anyways, after two weeks she changed her mind, said what's best for her is not a relationship and is not me, blocked me on facebook and I didn't hear from her for another 6 months. It hurt like hell because despite my best efforts, I got my hopes up. All I can say to you is be careful. Don't get your hopes up. He might be uspet over the kiss, but if he really cares about you and wants to work things out he'll get over it. Just give him his space, because I know I did not give my ex hers. I was too anxious to fix things and I scared her off. Good luck.

    • Thanks for the response. Ughh I feel like I keep messing things up with him :\

    • I sent him an apology text today and of course he didn't respond. I'm so stupidddd

    • You're not stupid. Just give him some time.

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