Is he lazy or what? Would you hang around with a guy like this?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for less than a month. The problem is that he never bothers to call or text me. I'm not the type to chase so I have text him once or twice and was put off because he didn't even reply. If he calls me he will do it between 11pm or 2am and it really annoys me.

I haven't seen him in over a week and on top of that we only see each other when he wants to. Earlier he pissed me off because we had plans of meeting after I finish work later in the week and then he asked me if we could meet up in the morning. I told him he already knew that I was working and got fed up and ignore4d him. Then he text me saying, "what happened?" and called but I didn't answer.

The reason why I haven't ended things is because maybe I'm asking for too much from him this early in the r/ship and he might get better as we go along. Or maybe he's lazy and isn't into the whole txt/calling thing. Still I can't help but feel that its unfair to me and it makes me angry.

Should I break up with him or give him a chance?


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  • I would break it off. The first month into my relationship, my boyfriend would text a simple 'hey, how's your day going?' almost everyday. It's not a full blown conversation, but enough to remind me that he's there.

    It sounds like this boy has other things on his mind, and if he isn't putting effort into the relationship now, then chances are that things will keep going downhill.

    Also, unfortunately, you can't really blame him for not remembering that you worked the next morning, people forget things from time to time. You are 100% correct that this behavior is unfair to you, and you have all the reason to be upset. But hey, some girls like this type of man, so don't take his lack of enthusiasm personally.

  • Maybe he has other plans at nights and calls you only between 11pm and 2am because that's when his date is over and can actually speak to you. I would be suspicious if my boyfriend only called me between those times and wants to meet me in the morning, mot seeing each other for a week on end... Hmmm very fishy, If he is like this in the honey moon period then that's a bad bad sign, Being only 1 month into this relationship it should be the opposite of what your saying.

    A relationship that starts bad ends bad, so do yourself a favor before it's too late and break up with him now, while your not too emotionally involved. A early break up will be much easier then a break up after 1 year. Make a clean sweep and move on, you don't need a liar, or lazy ass or what ever he may be in your life. You don't need this guy and by the sounds of it he doesn't need you either.

    • starts bad ends bad"

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    • Your welcome. Good luck :) and remember you deserve better and never settle for second best. There are many guys out there who will treat you the way you deserve,

    • Ow thanks again :)

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