Moving on the healthy way. Need advice.

Hello everyone. Thank you for your time and responses.

I am dealing with 2 feelings that have been known to really chap my ass and feed me anxiety lately. They are sort of intertwined, depending on how you look at it.

1) I am trying to really forgot about my ex. She was my first real love and we've split twice. The door for communication is still open as we both have messaged each other just to see how the other is doing. I am not sure if I want to completely erase her from my life because some of my best memories are with her. She has had a big influence and effect on me. I did love her. So I've been trying to focus on my career (I'm 22) as a way to distract myself. But I worry that I may lose the chance to find someone if I always spend my time on my career.

2) This may be ridiculous but many of my friends are getting hitched. There is obviously no reason for me to worry about marriage now, but I do worry that one day I will be alone and every one around me is getting engaged and I will still be alone, dwelling on the past.

Can anyone give me any insight, please? It would mean SO much to me. Thank you, again.


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  • Well what your going through is natural and your seem to be in the right state of mind concentrate on you career for now and when your ready to go out there and find someone new ...itll happen plain and simple.You are 22 years old you have a lot of time to meet someone so don't worry about it.The fact that it does concern you is a good of luck


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