Can seeing your ex help you heal?

I mean seeing them and that they have moved on for yourself rather than hoping or wishing that they may change their mind by avoiding them? Does this not help to accept and move on?


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  • yeah it really does


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  • absolutely it is what you need to stop holding on to hope of the what if's. I know in my case I keep doing things on my own to get back to my life moving forward and I see my ex or she has some sort of contact I start the greiving all over when I realize that I wish I knew if I should hold on or let go... Time heals only if the clock didn't keep getting reset! lol

    • so you think I should meet up with her? The reason I ask is I'm going to be in her town for work in a couple of weeks and I'm deciding on meeting up. I think if I can see for myself that their is no feelings between us I can forget her and move on?

    • only if she's asking you to! obviously you are holding on to hope and wish that she will fly into your arms.. if that is your expectation then your setting yourself up for another painful lesson bud... if you are going to meet her pretend your strong and secure when deep down your tore up and still jolding on...

    • I am more or less thinking things are done but I just want to be absoloutely sure. The whole split was a bit vague and she has been sending mixed signals. We have only had limited contact over by phone/IM (which she has initiated) but I'm going into it thinking she wants to be friends. I feel if I can see her face to face I'll be able to tell for sure if everything is done for definate!

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