I need to get over my ex?

She isn't the most beautiful girl in the world. She doesn't have huge boobs or a big ass. She isn't perfect, but I love her. I met her and I knew that it was going to be magical. Unfortunately, she didn't see it the same way as me. I am so much in love with her, but she is moved on. I see her almost everyday and what hurts the most is that she's just as amazing as always but no longer mine. She is one in a billion. I miss her with all my heart but it's time to move on.


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  • Have you talked to her and told her you still have feelings for her? She may still like you but have kept her feelings hidden and moved on as a way to try and get over you. If there really is "something magical" between the two of you then you can't give her up so easily.

    If you talk to her and she really is over you, try to win her back by doing little cute things- but don't over do and be "creepy". Doing too much could get annoying for her.

    If none of the above works, then it's time to move on. She may seem really special but if she doesn't return your feelings then you are not meant for each other. You'll find someone else who you'll love and she'll love you back if you learn to let go.

    • I did. She claims that something wasn't right and had to end it. Talking to her hurts me. If she gave me just some small shimmer of hope then I will gladly pursue but things look bleak at the moment.

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    • I got a long needed smile from that :) Thank you anonymous.

    • You are very welcome :)

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  • Look sometimes you meet a girl you will never get over. Its true but you should try because some time and a new girl will make things easier. However lets say youve tried this, its been a while, and every time you see her there is something, and you kinda tell there is something in her eye as well. A real man gets what's his, is patient not jealous , and never gives up. Now you can't be a creep or a stalker. You have to let her know that whatever your fine if she decides to not be with you,(this is important she has to know she's not hurting you) but she's the girl you love and your gonna eventually get what you want. She should feel that your gonna get what you want eventually. You should have a knowing smirk on always, and always set a fun happy together frame.


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