Feeling misunderstood over a break-up. Should I clarify or keep the no-contact rule?

We were dating for 2 months. One day we were having a casual conversation over IM which led to a conversation about expectations. He broke up with me over IM over what he thinks are different expectations of the relationship and thinking that I am not over my ex because of a scar I inflicted on myself. He wants babies later in life, I told him that I was 70% OK with not having babies because I am 32 and was coming to terms with not finding the right person to have them with. Thinking back, he may have misunderstood it to be 70% sure I don't want to have babies. He is 24 and wants babies later but I would be in my late 30s by then. I told him so but he insists he likes older women. I might have done a dumb thing and said that maybe he should find someone younger. As for him asking about my scar, I did over-react a little to the way he asked me about it "Are you prone to depression?" . I thought it was so blunt and derogatory, that I might have overreacted in my offense to it. I said that it is normal to be depressed over failing relationships and as such. I think he was a little scared off by my reaction and thought that I was still heart ached about my ex. He says he's not matured enough to deal with it and since we had "different expectations" we should call it quits. I so didn't mean that I was not over my ex. Its been a week since the breakup, should I clarify that or keep the no-contact rule? I don't necessarily want him back because of the way he so easily broke up with me over IM. I feel a little duped for thinking that he really cares and likes me (he was so loving to me and cooked for me). I was really heart ached for a few days after that conversation, perhaps more so than when I initiated my break up with my ex of 2 years which I thought was weird. My thing though is I hate being misunderstood.
I also have quelms about breaking the no-contact rule. I was reading this article and here are the reasons why we shouldn't break it: link


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  • No-contact rule is not a game. If there is something you feel that needs to be said/resolved, then do it.


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  • Well if you feel like he's misunderstanding you, then clarify what you want him to understand.


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