Why do guys say they wanna go out but then say you have to keep it a secret?

i am going out with this one guy but he wants to keep it a secret...

ok this is what is new I found out tht all he want do do was to use me for my ipod since he doesn't have one and has this new little mp3 player...i will break it 2 him 2marrow tht I can't have a secret bf...wish me luck!


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  • yea he probably has another girlfriend or something like that and don't want her to find out that he is cheating on her or he might have more than one other girl friend...i kno that's not what you want to hear but its probably true.


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  • Either he has a girlfriend, he's married or he is just using you for sexual reasons.! My advice to you is have more respect for yourself than to be someones little secret. :)


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