My ex got cheated by his rebound girlfriend, could he come back to me?

Hello dear helpers,

My ex was recently cheated on by his rebound girlfriend which started shortly after my break-up with him. He text's me sometimes now but is it possible that he comes back to me or not? I really want to know because I think I still love him but I don't know if he still does... is there sings he could give me if he still like me? I need to know everything if possible PLEASE and thank you


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  • if he is constantly calling you to tell you his problems, it might just mean that he doesn't want to go to his guy friends because they might think him as weak and he has no one else and he might just be using you for an ear to listen to him.

    to really tell if he likes you, he has to say it. That he loves you and can' t live a day without you, maybe not exactly like that.

    Otherwise maybe he sends you flowers every Friday.

    Signs should be pretty obvious if he really wants you.

    good luck


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  • Gross! He has rebound girlfriend germs + some random dudes' germs. Why would you want that back?!

    • Honestly I think it's because I am still not over him I was the one dumping him and all and I felt like I did the biggest mistake in my life but sometimes I wonder what is the point of a rebound?

    • It's perfectly normal to have those feelings for him, especially when you still have some sort of contact with him. Just remember why you dumped him in the first place. Guys will get a rebound to try and forget their ex's and that's how they move on. Whatever you do, just give him his space.

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