My ex-girlfriend likes another guy and she ignores me. I haven't moved on and I really love her. Should I give up?

I'm 17 and I have a girlfriend who's 15. We broke up last October (because my dad got angry at them when her mom said something my dad totally didn't liked, and even her mom apologized my dad didn't accept their apology). Despite what happened, my girlfriend (because of the break-up, she is now considered as my ex gf) and I are still talking and spending time with each other at school. We still treat each other as if we are still in a relationship.

Things have changed after Christmas. She removed our pic from her profile pic at facebook, she seldom text me, and she treats me differently now. I think she suddenly became a bit cold in our relationship.

After our Christmas vacation and school classes resumed, she's not talking to me that much like before, and she keeps on hanging out with her friends now and leaves me alone. She have changed a lot.

She and her friends talks a lot about guys, they are joking around about guys, she started to like some guy in our class, and she now ignores me. I still do my best to fix our relationship but she seems to ignore me a lot now. I thought she really loved me. She promised she'll never leave me, but now I feel I'm nothing to her now. Things SUDDENLY changed.

My classmates tease her to another guy, much to my dismay. I cried many times before I sleep, I always think of her, and I smile at her but she keeps on ignoring me.

I don't know. I am loyal to her, I treat her nicely, I never cheated on her, and my feelings towards her never changed even my dad said to me that I should leave her. I still treated her as my girlfriend. I really love her.

Should I try to fix our relationship again? or should I give up?


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  • you're young, you should explore other girls and date around. If she isn't being a friend to you, why do you need her to be your gf? IF someone is not friendly towards you then they are not worthy to be your girlfriend.

    If a guy treats me like not a friend, then after the breakup or whatever then I would not be friends with someone who doesn't treat me like a friend.

    Get rid of her and move on. She is trying to also and you are just getting in her way.


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  • OK I didn't even have to read the whole page you wrote. Yes give up, move on, forget about her, she doesn't like you any more, avoid the ditch!


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  • Never give up, try to give it another shot. Don't regret something that you didn't do.. especially if it's for a woman you like


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