He finally admitted to cheating. Now what?

My boyfriend of over 3 years finally admitted he had cheated on me with two other girls. I had always suspected, now I know. So, now what? I don't know if necessarily I believe once a cheater always a cheater, but how are you supposed to move on? How do you learn to trust again? Are there any reasons good enough to even attempt staying together?


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  • it is all up to you. if you can truly forgive him and love him and you feel its worth it then stay with him but if you can't then its not worth it for you or for him.

    relationships don't need a score board or a reminder that someone messed up. this is a decision that only you can make. its if you can forgive and forget and never use it against him.

    good luck darling

    • I totally understand your response, but I'm more looking for a how. How do you even begin to forgive or process that thought? is it better to "break" for a little or stay attached at the hip? How can I set my brain in motion to start trusting?

  • yeah if you guys are going to be together, just remember that

    1. ask him to promise to you to never cheat again

    2. ask him to tell you right away when he cheats

    3. ask him what were the reasons why he cheated? Is it something to do with you, or is he just that way? because if there is something to do with you, and you really want him then you have to sort of try to change that problem.

    4. and if you really want to be with him, you might want to ask around his friends and such to see what else they know about him. I would, just to do a background check. this would be rather easy if you guys have similar friends.

    5. if you don't want him anymore and can't trust him anymore then just remember that not all people/guys are cheaters/bad guys!

    good luck

    • 1: Already did. Though I assumed you did that when you became exclusively dating. Apparently I was wrong.

      3. He thought I had cheated and was "getting me back". Jokes on him I never cheated.

      4. His friends are useless in that area.

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