How to get rid of back fat?

i've lost weight, but I'm having a hard time with my back. you know, the side rolls, etc. it's frustrating because I know you can't necessarily target, but what can I do to work my back/sides?


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  • targeting is for muscle groups, when you are already in shape, and you are going for better proportions.

    if you still have remaining fat, you need to burn calories, more than you take in from food.

    the best way to burn calories is to eat right and work large muscle groups, like legs and arms.

    do the core exercises, squats, running, deadlifts, bench press, etc.

    you want to build some overall muscle so that your metabolism increases and you burn more calories.

    google this to find out more


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  • Like you said, targeting is impossible. So the only way to shed them is the same as all fat, high intensity cardio.


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  • well like you said you can't choose where you lose it. What you can do however to strengthen you back muscles is:

    - this link , if you do it for like 40s to a minute a set, it should be pretty effective, you can also vary it (i.e pulling your back a bit more up, hold it, let it down again or doing the same movments a swimmer does durng crawl stroke

    - In your gym there should be something like this link , just be carful to don't go up and down with straight back , but kinda roll up, when you're holding weight

    - I don't know know how they call it, when you're on your toes and elbows/underarms just hold it for a minute link

    - push ups

    - everything where you hold your back and feet up.

    - link

    - crunches to your sides

    Idk if you doing any of this will have the wanted effect though

    good luck anyways

    • as the others already said, don't focus on your back too much, building up muscle is good but to lose weight you especially need to do cardio and increase overall muscle mass

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