Should I contact my ex?

My ex and I haven't spoken in about a month and a half. It started in the first week of December, when we were having an argument about something. I kept texting/calling instead of giving him space. He said that he would call me back later, but when he didn't I called him a couple of times. I haven't heard from him since then (December 9). I gave it three days, and then I called telling him that I had a solution for us, and that if he wanted to hear he should call me back. If not, I understood. I've sent him a text message thanking him for the break up, since it seemed to be a good idea at the time (Dec. 21). I called him once about a week after that. And then after I called him, I sent him an e-mail saying that I wasn't over him, but I would respect his decision and not contact him (jan 3). Said that I hoped we could be friends one day. I don't think I ever begged or anything.

I haven't sent him anything since. So, I was wondering if I should contact him or just let things go?


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  • You should try and let it go. It sounds like he's not interested. I'm sure you'll find better. :)


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