Girls, does she want me back?

I dated a girl for about 2 months but it didn't really get too serious or go anywhere (she seemed disinterested) so I didn't really pursue things and it just fizzled out so to speak. I haven't spoken to her at all in 6 months, but randomly got a text from her today saying she was sorry, she wanted to apologize and wasn't being very open and was making it difficult to get to know her... etc. Does she want me back, does she just want to know what I'm up to? Is she lonely now and bored? I'm just curious what your mindset would be when randomly texting a guy after some time...


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  • I'd say watch out for that one, this can be 1 of 2 things. Either she genuinely misses you and wants to get back with you. Or she just got dumped by someone and she wants to go out with someone she knows she can get. She's probably not thinking of it in a conniving way (if she was just dumped) she probably just wants someone she considers a "nice guy". Overall she probably does want to get back with you I can't say weather her intentions are good or bad though. If you like her I'd say go on and ask her out if you want but don't expect too much from her.


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  • She may want you back or it may be a rebound relationship so watch out


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  • I would ignore her or at the very most talk just long enough to see what she wants. She didn't want you then so why would she want you now?


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