What's a guy-friendly way to let him know I'm disappointed?

Been seeing this guy for a few weeks; last night he said he might like to go out tonight, if he could finish work in time (he's got stuff going on at work). He said he'd know by lunchtime today and I teased a bit and said I'd hold his place till then. Well, he didn't call/text/email at lunchtime, and for some reason, I'm really disappointed.

I know he's busy at work, and I know he may not have an answer yet, etc, etc, but if he said he'd call me at lunch, why didn't he call or at least contact me at lunch? Even just to say "hey, I'm swamped right now, ttyl?"

What would be a guy-friendly way to let him know I'd rather hear from him one way or another, even if it's just to know he can't talk?

Well, just as I thought (hoped), he called once he'd managed to get out of the office...at that point it was fairly obvious he HAD been super swamped and I didn't bother pushing the point then (again, I figure I'll wait and see some more). Slow and easy.


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  • I'm not exactly sure what "guy-friendly" means. But a good way to let him know would be to say something like:

    "I was disappointed when you didn't call or text or anything like you said you would. I understand you were probably really busy, but you said you would call or text me and I was sad when you didn't, and it only takes a minute to send a text."

    Just be sure not to use a tone you would use to reprimand someone and it shouldn't be a problem. Guys are not subtle creatures. If you want us to know something you kinda just have to come out and say it.

    • Yeah, I like that. Straight, non-judgemental, and to the point, exactly what I was hoping to convey! Thank you! :)

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  • If the girl I was seeing just said something like..

    "I was looking forward to seeing you and didn't want to bust your balls because I know work is busy but is it cool if you message me? Even if its to say your still not sure if/when you can make it."

    I'm sure u'll have to translate that into a cute girl version, and say while giving him a hug/kiss too. I'd be cool with that, hopefully he would be too.

    • yeah, that sounds real clear...now I'm just trying to be patient and wait to see when he DOES call/text...i mean, he has to at some point, right? I'm just trying to balance being understanding and being taken for granted, y'know? lol, I know I'd hate someone being up my butt right when I'm maxed out at work, but stil...it does just take a minute...

  • you sound needy, you know he is wayy busy and you want him to call you!


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  • Just say "awww, I was bummed we couldn't have lunch! How about tomorrow? Let's take the edge off that pain in the arse workload you have!"

    THEN at lunch you could say, "I know you were like super busy, but could you text me next time so I know not to wait on you?" Something like that... that sounds a bit harsh...make it more girly charmy. :)

    I suck at those things. I tend to be direct and harsh to people. I don't think I was in line when they passed out girl charm... I think I was playing with the boys at the time. lol.

    • Lol, that's exactly why I was asking! I was too busy messing with my jeeps and motorcycles to learn how to bat my eyes and simper :P But, it IS nice to learn how to convey things in a positive way. We're hopefully hanging out tonight and we will see if I don't figger out a way to set boundaries without coming off as something I'm not (cuz I guess that's what I was really asking--how can I set my boundaries in a "nice" way...). I like the pain in the arse workload thing, too, it's perfect!

    • oh, well in that case you just need a guy who can tolerate your jeeps and motorcycles. :) You can set boundaries your own way. Granted, have a little tact, but you don't have to be so 'nice' that you let him run you over.

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