15 drunk texts from my ex.. is she crazy or crazy about me?

OK so me and my ex haven't spoken for 6 months.. we had a really terrible breakup because she was going off to college, I cheated, and I had major anger issues. I fully realized that the breakup was my fault because I pushed her away from me and she never deserved what I did to her. Now a little over a week ago she sends me 15 consecutive texts and this is how they read...

"hey (name) happy new year

please answer me I need to talk


i need to talk

please answer me

im an idiot I f***ed up

please don't ignore me


i love you I'm sorry I really am I'm not kidding I need to talk to u

whenever you can text me because I have a lot to tell u

im not kidding I'm not drunk answer me I need to talk to u

ok I know you think I'm retarded but I'm not I dream about you all the time since I started school literally every night and I miss you so f***ing much and I'm sorry please answer me I know I was a huge **** I'm sorry I really am

promise me no matter what answer me in the morning I wanna meet up and talk I'm so dumb I made the biggest mistake of my life

literally I miss you so much I think about you every single day and I miss you and I apologize for everything I didn't know I was going to feel that way about you but I love you and I wish youd answer me so we can talk tomorrow because I really do miss you I'm so f***ing stupid I'm sorry

i know I f***ed up big time but I love you please answer me"

...Now, from what my best friend, who is a girl, told me, a bunch of people were drinking at a bar and as soon as my ex saw my friend, she broke down crying. She said it was because seeing her reminded my ex of me. There, she basically poured out everything to my friend. Now I know everyone was drinking but I know for a fact she wasn't tooooo drunk. One, because her typing was literate. And two, I had a family friend of her text her the following morning to ask if she was really drunk the night before. I responded and she seems like she's in love with me and she was the first girl I ever fell in love with.. however, I'm really not sure how to handle the situation. We've been talking everyday for the past week but I'm not sure where we should go from here because she's away at college and I'm still in high school.


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  • she loves you dude, so I wouldn`t call her crazy. she just misses you. the 15 texts are a bit much, but that's all you can do. if you think getting back together would be worth it, then try to work it out. if not, then just let go I guess.

    • Theres no question that I want to be with her but its just odd. This literally came out of nowhere.. the only time we were in the same vacinity since our breakup was at the beach and she saw me messing around w another girl.. of course I didn't do this intentionally she just happened to spot me. I guess it was just eating away at her for a long time right? and I don't know why shed wait 6 months to contact me ya kno

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    • not a problem, I'm glad I could help!

      i could use the help, but you're anon :p

    • lol I forgot but I just sent you a friend request

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