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Could I Possibly STILL love my ex ? I Mean Okay we've both "moved on" or at least .. He has ... I Hate Seeing Him With Other Girls .. & we still Talk As Friends & We've told each other how we still feel about each other & I just lied & said I loved him only as a friend because I was afraid of what he'd say if I told him the truth .. & truth Is ... I Think I Still Love Him. What Should I Do ?


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  • I have the same situation! OK what I did was totally crazy but.. omg ill tell you anyways so what iiii did was I took my freinds phone and started texting the guy I loved pretending I got his number by accident and casually mention that "she" was friends with me. and we talked as friends for a week or so and I said wow. she (meaning me) is still in love with you. that's how I told him because that way if he doesn't love em I can deny it and say my "friend" is a liar and if he does then yay for me :). what I did is totally crazy and not most sane people would but hey I love this guy. love is a battlefeild <3

    • Omg ! I Love it ! Haha(: THANK YOUUUUU;D lol

    • hahahaha crazy but another thing. if you really love him you can fill up at least 5 pages back to back about why you love him..

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