How long would it take for you to give up?

Lets say your crushing on this one person and they at first give you some signs they like but then stop how long would it take for you to move on?


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  • I'd move on the instant they stopped giving signs. They would appreciate that!

    • really? honestly I'm kinda suprised I thought you'd wait like at least a week or something (but not like stalking them or anything just kinda watching from a distance)

    • No, once they stop giving signs, you're wasting your time...

    • ok but what if they stsarted giving you signs again (and you hadn't started liking someone else yet)

  • depends. if I fell hard for her, it'll take as long as I find another girl who I like. if not, then I would move on immediately if a girl who I'm only kinda interested in stopped giving me signs.


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