I gave her 3 chances, I have the right to end it the 3rd time.

well last night was interesting. I have given my ex 2 chances to prove to me that she really wants to be with me. 1st time she left me for some other kid, 2nd time she told me she wanted to explore her options. I'm dumb for giving a second chance, but I'm a dumb ass for giving her a 3rd. yes I gave her a 3rd chance. but this time it was me that decided to stop the contact. I'm overseas and all I can do is worry. I found my self worrying more about what she is doing, and noting that no matter how hard I try to trust her...i just cant. so I told her how I felt. we got in a fight blah blah blah, I told her I didn't like the fact that she was hanging out with certain guys, and talking to them as well. she says she can't control her feelings for other people blah blah blah. I told her she was a lair and doesn't know the meaning of commitment, because we were engaged when she left me for some kid. I told her that no matter what I say she will still do whatever she wants behind my back. I know I shouldn't have said this but, on Halloween she wore this slutty ass Halloween costume, I told her I didn't like her wearing it...she wore it anyway. so I said she wanted to be a slut for a night. she did give a kid her number. anyways this fight went on for like 2 hours, than she decided to go low enough to say I never loved her and our relationship was a lie. I got pretty damn FURIOUS when she said this. didn't talk the rest of the night, than I woke up in the morning and messaged her telling her I was out of line for how I acted but I don't regret it. I can't trust her no matter what and that we should both move on for good, we only bring out the worse in each other...she than told me I'm just like her ex and doesn't want to talk to me again.

what do yall think? was I doing the right thing. I mean I gave her 3 chances, I have the right to end it the 3rd time. I did what was best for me.


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  • Can I ask WHY you want this girl in your life? Is it a first love thing? Cause I know you never really get over your first love. Sometimes its hard to be the bad guy, the one to end it but I think in this situation... you are doing the right thing... and its gonna hurt like hell. You gave her another chance and another, why do you think a 3rd, 4th, 5th will fair any better. Sometimes trust can't be repaired. My ex once made a comment to me and it hurt me so badly and when he realized how hurt I was, and apologize... I just couldn't get over it and I REALLY tried to put it all behind me. But some hurts cut DEEP, and some trust you can't get back no matter how many sorrys. The girl you are meant to be with may still be out there, and a good friend just recently said to me "you need to be true to your true self" wise words. Put yourself first,! I wouldn't be an ass... just explain you need some space, you need to find your true self and explain your not trying to hurt her and that you wish her all the best and mean it... then move on. Good luck

    • i do love her, and its not a first love thing. its just I we were engaged, and its hard to throw away a year and an engagement like that. but now I have realized we aren't meant for each other. I told her that I was sorry for how I acted, but it was time for both of us to move on. its better than going through the pain till I'm home.

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  • 'Explore her options..''' ANd you gave her a third chance? Wow. What a kiss goodbye statement, 'explore her option..'

    Maybe you're both too young and she is just being honest with you. but a girl who says someting THAT cold blooded, being young isn't an excuse. It's basically telling you she doesn't care about your feelings in the slightest.

    Good bye and good riddance to her!

    No 4th chance, OK? Probably better women in whatever country you're in now anyway.

    • haha well, she is the one that came running back to me all 3 times, balling her eyes out. I'm only overseas for a deployment ill be back in the states soon! can wait to get to the dating scene again

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