Would you be willing to date someone you love if they are living with their ex?

If the guy or girl you loved lived with their ex but they aren't dating, would you be willing to ask them out?


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  • It depends on the situation. I live with my ex but we broke up 2 years ago and I only moved in a few months ago because he has a spare room and I needed somewhere to stay. He dates girls and I have NO feelings for him at all. Still I'm not sure I'd like to date someone that was living with their ex as it does look like they haven't moved on...good luck! We all have exes, just remember to have an open mind and heart and be cautious until they move out!


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  • I would feel weird about it if I asked him out and he was living with his ex. I mean even if they aren't together now, things are good enough between them that they are living together. And since they are obviously still talking and sorta getting along, ya never know what can happen behind the closed doors. I would stay outta that for sure if it were me anyways.

  • No I wouldn't hey, you never know what they're doing and if they spent to much time together they might just fall for one another again...

    • That could happen, I agree. Especially if the ex is into them still. =( Unfortunately.

  • Hmmm I personally will try with the guy. Why not? As long as they are only ex.

  • Hell no! Knowing that they have had a past together would make me a little upset. I wouldn't like my boyfriend living with his ex at all.

    • That's how I feel, upset and weary. However, past is past. Just because they dated before doesn't mean they will again. Still, I am unsure.

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