Should I keep on trying or let it go and move on?

I am so into this guy and I'm sure he is he loves to stare at me all the time, if I walk passed and he's talking to some one he looks back, I've caught him checking me out he doesn't really hide that he does it so why doesn't he make his move on me I want him to what's his problem he knows I'm into him as well so what is he waiting for...


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  • Your question: Should I keep on trying or let it go move on?

    I want you to re-read your description a few times

    read your question

    read description

    Now tell me what "trying" you actually did. Existing doesn't count as trying.

    "what's his problem he knows I'm into him as well so what is he waiting for"

    I see, it's his fault... yet, you too won't do anything... hmm... bit hypocritical? don't make me have to give you the equality speech.

    • i meant should I keep persisting with it I keep waiting for him to make the move like giving him more hints that I'm really interested in something more get it

    • Ok, equality talk

      if you want things to be equal, like I do, you have to take the good and bad of being equal.

      You should not except him to make the move if you want something to happen. you need to shut up, grow a pair, suck it up and take the dive like all guys have to.

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  • Maybe the best thing to do is confront him.

    Or if you don't want to come on so strong you could just start

    talking and then ask him flirty questions like what he thinks of you

    or how he thinks of you, if he would ever ask you out and so on.

    -Hope it helps :)

  • he's probably waiting for you to make a move on him now.


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