Best ways to cope with a break up?

Best ways to cope with a break Up when your the one who did it but didn't want to. It was the right thing to do and you love this person but they don't appreciate you.

How are you coping?


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  • Remind yourself of every single reason you had to end the relationship. if he didn't appreciate u, every time you feel kinda "down", think of all those reasons to keep your head up high and be proud of the decision you made. I've been in that situation and its not easy, but at the end you know you deserve way better. And by the way, I feel happy for you! Most people are not strong enough to make that kind of decision! it shows you have self-respect and that's smth most women lack :)

    • Thanks its been a rough 3 weeks but its getting easier. I'm constantly tempted to text but I dont. I had to remind myself why I had to do stop and back away from him. Thanks for the advice its nice to know I'm not alone :)

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