When someone hurts you really badly how do you put your feelings aside and move on?

ok so the story is that my previous r/s ended with no closure about 2 years ago. I took a great bashing from the end of that. I kept fighting and trying to get her back even though she obviously moved on. my pride was completely reduced to nothing. then I slowly came to realize it wasn't worth it. she wasn't worth everything I was going through so I decided this year I want to completely move on and focus on the future. because we fell out of contact for way too many months... I wrote her a blog post saying everything I felt at that moment, hoping she might see it one day, and that since she has found someone that makes her truly happy I would be glad for her. because inside I just really want to forgive her and move on. the response I got a few days later was an anonymous comment that said "i found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow". of course it hurts to think about. how do I just finally put an end to these feelings and move on?


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  • It happened to me soon. I was hurt by my BFF. He's great but when I asked him about my looks he was really harsh with me. And I felt really really bad. I was disappointed, angry, sad. A lot of stuff simultaneously. And then I started talking to another friend of mine. And immediately I felt better. So try to talk to somebody who loves you.


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