What does it mean when my ex tells me that he is happy with his new girlfriend?

My ex and I broke up before summer. He cheated on me with a girl who studied in the same program as him. He had a dinner with her to congratulate her for her acceptance for Mcgill medical school two week before our breakup. This dinner turned out to be like a date and I was silly to wait for him at his apartment when he was cheating on me. The girl was accepted in medical school in Mcgill while he was refused in all medical schools in Canada. He was even refused in occupational therapy program in Mcgill.He told me that he was sending text messages to her and was glad to see her on the graduation party that their common friends have organized. After we broke up, he refused to return my belongings that I left at his place because he told me he would be leaving in a month anyway. So, yes, two days after we broke up, he started a relationship with this girl and he told me every single detail about how he went to her home to give her a gift and ate supper with his entire family. Few days later, I asked him to return my stuffs and he told me that I am a selfish and materialistic person. He said he never loved me, never respected me and never was proud of what I did in life. Then, he left Montreal and joined his family in Vancouver for the rest of the summer until he flew to Ireland to attend medical school. After summer, he wrote me a facebook message about how he got accepted in medical school, how he is happy with this girl and how he became Christian. I replied to his message and told him that I am happy that he is happy. After, we never talked.

Sometimes, I wonder how come he can do this to me when we spent 11 months together and I tried to support him through all this difficult time when he was stressed about his medical school applications.

Do you think that he is truly happy to have a long distance relationship after one month of courtship? Do you think it is even possible?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Holy f*** almighty. What a scumbag. He really thinks he's dignified because he and her are in love. He owes you more than an apology but I don't think you'll ever get the payback you deserve for this. Let him go, he was worth losing. You can do much better than him.


What Girls Said 1

  • Thats not fair in the slightest, for him to act that way is so out of order! Its very hard when you think things are OK and suddenly he changes into this different person and doesn't want anything to do with you. Just think you had a very lucky escape,he sounds very impulsive and confused and he's far too up himself for any sensible girl to put up with, so unless the new girl is utterly blinded by some quality of his it won't last too long.

    Forget he was ever in your life you don't need the bad memories


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