How can I get her back?

Ok so we broke up after she kissed her ex, she said she needs time you o think about things and wants to be alone for awhile...the other day she told she's sorry for not contacting me but it was to hard still to talk to me cause of how she hurt me and couldn't take back what she did but she will eventually. The other day like a dumbie I drove by her apartment and saw her exs car outside...:( at 5 in the morning as I'm on my way to work... So I'm asking has she moved on or is there still a way to get her back...?


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  • Well I'm sorry that she cheated... that must have hurt, but she did cheat on you hun. Once they cheat they can do it again. Now, I do believe in second chances, but she doesn't seem to want you back... She should be chasing you right now, not the other way around. If she really cared about you she would be on your doorstep trying to talk things out with you. I think you should let her go... as hard as it might be she's not worth it.


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  • I would be very suspicious of her behaviour. How will you be able to trust her? I think you should take a step back, ask her to think things through properly and let you know what she wants to do. In the meantime, focus on yourself.

  • wow man! you don't have to tolerate all this! you certainly don't. she has no respect for the relationship you both share... I suggest you run in the opposite direction away from her as fast as you can!

    and you don't have to get her back?get her back for wht? so that after few months again you find her kissing her ex? better than going through the pain again and again..u go through it once and be done with it


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