Second thoughts of first this normal?

I've been dating this really nice guy for about 3 months. He recently expressed interest in being in a relationship. I told him I am unsure right now because I am in law school and am not sure how busy the semester will be.

Last time we hung out I wanted to tell him yes, that I am interested in a relationship, but then I started to second guess my feelings for him. I've never had a boyfriend before so I don't know if that's why, or if it's because maybe I don't like him?

I enjoy hanging out with him. Sometimes the conversation flows well but occasionally we don't have much to talk about. He is kind of nerdy, and is different from a guy I would imagine myself being with, but at the same time we do have some things in common. He makes me laugh sometimes, and makes me feel special. I like kissing him and cuddling with him...but I am just kind of unsure about starting a relationship. Has anyone felt like this at the beginning and had things turn out well?


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  • If he has done this before, then I would say no to the second chance. If he hasn't then you have to think about; what's right for you. You have to ask yourself a few questions. Do you really want him back? Do you think his trust worthy? What did he put you through when he left you? Do you think that it may be possible that you are just filling the void till someone else comes a long? These are question you have to ask yourself. Now if you love him and you can trust him, and the past is not going to interfere with the future, then why not give him a second chance.


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