What would you do if you were in my situation?

I recently found out that I am going to be a dad for the 4th time, problem being its with a good friend of mine and I'm still living in the basement suite under my 3rd childs mother adn she said if I have another child she will make sure the courts take away my rights to my daughter. what would you do?

I have a really great job that pays very well and I pay for the whole house but I allow my ex and daughter to live upstairs so I can see my daughter, my other 2 children live with me full timne seeing as their mother lost custody of them,
As for condoms we did use one, they break and the birth control shot isn't 100%, things happen and she is one of my best friends, And we do have self control we waited 10 year to have sex
i was not dating her for 10 years we dated about 10 years ago and broke up becasue I went off to school but remained frineds for the past 10 years my oldest child is 8 the next is 7 and my daughter is 2
i was married to the mother of my first 2 children till my oldest was 3 1/2 and I was dating the mother of my daughter for 2 years before she got pregnant and it went to hell and we split up about 2 months ago, my daughter is 2
my daughters father has been trying to get back with me since I told her I couldn't deal with her family telling me what to do in my family and hitting my 8 and 7 year old for hitting a 14 year old who beats them up
the girl who is pregnant is also on her 4th child, she kept her twins that were rape babies and her youngest who is 3 who was planned (father died when baby was weeks old) and I have helped her with anything and everything since the baby was born


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  • A few things.

    1) Get a job that pays enough so you can live in your own place and pay for all that child support

    2) Get your own house



    5) Have some f***ing self control

    6) Grow up.

    • Congrats on that one big shot. Now how about the other, equally important ones?

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    • every day. I take mine at the same minute every morning and I come from a family who's had more kids than I can count, Fertile Mertals mum says. And I didn't use condoms when I had sex with my boyfriend, irresponsible, I know, but I'll take credit for anything that comes of it, and nothing has happened. However, if you have been a good father the most she can pull is divided custody between the two of you.

    • Defend all you want. You're still stuck in this situation and that's your problem not mine. I'm just telling you what you asked.

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  • If your fulfilling your obligations and responsibilities as a father, I truly doubt the court will deny you of your rights.

    • Being that you take care of your kids, and provide a home for her as well. I don't think your ex has a leg to stand on. However, if you really think, that she can cause trouble for you, then you should be speaking to an attorney.

  • i would have kept it in my pants for starters.

    if you want to be able to see your kid, you're gonna have to put up a fight I guess.


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