How would you feel if your partner did this?

Your bf/gf likes your exes family pics. They weren't close or anything. But they still follow them on social media even after what they told you was a horrible breakup.


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  • My boyfriend and my ex boyfriend are best friends so I’d be ok with it

    • True
      Thing is my best friend still follows her exes family on social media and likes one of the recent posts. Her boyfriend got mad cause she told him she was scared of him cause he threatened her and her family. So he called her an 'attention seeker'
      It is a weird situation cause her exes family weren't close with her

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    • She has liked his family's 2 business sites and even liked 2 posts. She never met anyone only his mom a long long time ago. She used to donate to their fundraiser like 50 bucks once she said.
      But after the breakup she told everyone he was going to kill her and her family
      Why is she even associating with him?

    • I don’t know

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