I Cheated, well sortof... Can I get her back?

Long story short I was a wee bit unhappy with my ex and she did a few vindictive things along the way too how ever it's no excuse.
I had a nosy on tinder and went on a date with another woman, it was a quick drink at a pub but as we parted i lightly kissed her on the lips, it was just a peck, then we parted ways.
That night I had texted the woman and did tell her in the heat of the moment that I should have gone home with her.
The following couple of days I had realized I made a huge mistake, loved my partner to bits and realized I just needed to communicate with her. I texted the woman and told her I was not over my ex girl friend because I had lied saying she was my ex and let her down.
although it was too late she knew someone that knew my partner at the time and they had got together and told on me.
My ex dumped me for good, even though I never slept with this woman. it has been a month, she's blocked me on all forms of social media and I am pretty sure she hates me and has already been on a date with another man.
I love this woman and want her back, I have written song's, poems letters, sent cakes flowers. What more can I do?


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  • Just apologize. And don’t expect her to come back, ever. Because if you do, she’ll never be convinced that you’re honestly sorry and not just trying to pacify her. Then be a strong person. Move on. And maybe she’ll see you and follow, and maybe she won’t.
    But just be the best person you can be. For yourself. Because even if she never sees it and never comes back to you, others will see it. They’ll love you for it or look up to you. And there’ll be someone, someday for you.

    • 6d

      its complected, she did some messed up stuff to me and it was kind of a retaliation I guess.
      I just don't want some waffley b. s just a yes or no answer or a time machine

    • 6d

      There is no yes or no. You know her best of all of us, but knowing humanity it seems like your chances are low since she’s decided to be offended. So my point is, give yourself permission to be happy and to move on. And don’t self sabotage by overcompensating or badgering her constantly.

  • Fessed up you messed up and move on. Do better with the next girl. You going on that app was cheating alone. So don’t pretend that going on a date and giving her a “light peck” isn’t cheating either. You messed up, that simple. Learn from it and do better with the next girl. Loyalty isn’t that hard to figure out.

    • 7d

      Hey that really was not helpful at all how about instead of having a dig actually give me some real advice. There's no need to be a B**** about it

    • 7d

      give me a break i'm hurtin.

    • 6d

      Bro there’s no coming back from what you did. Like at all. Your relationship will never be the same even if she did take her back. You did not only an injustice to her, but to the relationship itself. I’m not being a bitch about it, it’s the truth. Be a man and own your shit. You put yourself in this situation.

What Guys Said 1

  • Well 1st things first... STOP GROVELING AND APOLOGIZING... with written songs, poems, letters, cakes & flowers.

    They’re not working because, what she needs is time and space apart from you. Will it suck doing nothing? Yes!!! Will it suck thinking that you need to do some grand gesture apology and having to hold back doing so.. yes!!!

    But that’s where you are now!!! In the land of uncertainty, and misery!!! Entertaining the idea of cheating got you here,& now you must endure it.

    Do not contact anymore! It’s known how you feel (obviously) with all your gift giving, and now it’s just time for her to try to seek greener pastures, or decide if your worth giving a 2nd shot.

    7/10 gf’s give second shots, but they come with major stipulations for having broken the trust the first time around.

    So good luck, if you love her truly, leave her be, seek understanding what went wrong and how you became a failure of a boyfriend... and present a new, more mature you when she returns.


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