Is she a rebound?

My ex and I broke up like 3 months ago. After we broke up we stayed in contact and hooked up one night, he wanted to get back together but I had some issues from my previous relationship that I had to resolve with myself, I was being selfish in this new relationship because I got emotionally abused in the previous one. My ex tried to contact me and get back together several times but I told him I had to work on myself first. We had a huge fight on November because he was drunk and my friend insulted him and I didn't defend him, after that we stopped talking because he said his connection to me was hurting him. He tried to contact me in December but I missed his call and couldn’t contact him back. However, this week I messaged him to apologize about everything bad that happened in the relationship, I missed him and wanted to make things right. He told me he had a new girlfriend and that they have been dating for about a month, however he asked me out to dinner to catch up and after that we had sex, I know it was wrong from my part because he has a girlfriend and no one deserves that but spending time with him brought back old feelings. After that it happened a couple more times but now we stopped because he has his girlfriend and no one deserves to be cheated on. If he cheated on her with me so easily, does it mean that she’s a rebound? And could he possibly still love me? He still texts me but we are no longer hooking up.


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  • He does not love you. He just keeps options open.
    If i were you i would cut the contact with him.


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