Should I leave her?

I've dated this girl for a year now and she's been a constant pain in my ass. I thought i loved her, she doesn't reciprocate if it doesn't suit her at the time and she always lies to me and hangs out with a guy who hates me and wants in her pants.

Major issues:
Constantly lies about shit

Want's to supposedly please me too much and doesn't want to say no:Faked orgasms

Stood me up on four dates and the last of which i waited four hours because she promised she would come.

Her "friend" is a guy who wants in her pants and climbs through her window at night and touches her plus hates me.

She let him spend the night after he got kicked out of his apartment by his roommate. (Still question what happened that night)

Minor issues:
Unreliable, never calls only texts, when she does call she hangs up randomly when another person is heard in the background, tries avoid her issues in the relationship and when i attempt to walk out on her she begs me not to go which isn't fair in the slightest.
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  • Leave her. She doesn't respect you or the relationship. I can almost guarantee you her and that other guy have done the nasty. She sounds extremely untrustworthy. Please take this advice. No matter what she tells you leave her. Don't give in to her begging, she doesn't deserve you.

  • Dump her my guy, lotta fish in the sea who don’t lie

  • Why have u wasted a year on her my man

  • Dump her


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