Radio silence? What did I do wrong?

I dated a guy for almost a year, and recently it went bad. We’re both busy professionals, so I knew going in we would have to be intentional about the time we spent together. However, six months in, things became a little bit more relaxed and I looked up and I had not heard from him in a couple of days. To be fair I never reached out to him either. I brought this to his attention and we both decided to do better. However, this became a habit, I begin to feel insecure in the relationship. This lead to arguments about spending time together. I can honestly say that he tried to do better. After a while, he stopped communicating and I can only assume that he was stressed out about all the things coming up that we had discussed previously. He stopped messaging, but would respond. We didn’t spend a lot of time together, but he would say he loved me. After a weekend of radio silence, four days, I told him that it was obvious he was no longer interested in the relationship so I was going to do the right thing for me and end it. In all honesty, I sent a bunch of emotional text… not ugly just emotional. I tried to make things better, because of course I’m trying to see his And sent a text telling him I thought it was a great person but I just didn’t understand what was going on with us. He sent back a text that said I love you and nothing more, then went radio silent again. We have a dog together, so two weeks after the break up a message to him about arrangements for her. He wanted to breed her, and she’s worth a lot of money. I told him I was open to him rehoming her because of the financial aspect, but I would like to keep her. However, I made it clear that I would have to get her fixed because I couldn’t handle a pregnant dog and I sharing custody would be too complicated for me right now. He said nothing, nothing!!! How long should I give him to respond before I just go ahead and get her fixed? I really don’t think I did anything wrong. Help?


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  • Wait for a while as it's somthing that can't be reversed

  • Moral of the story, this would have gone a completely different way had you not blown his phone up with dramatic texts...

    • 2d

      You have a great point, but things would have gone a differently if he communicated also.

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