Getting back with an EX boyfriend of 4 years :s .. help !!!

my ex and I are sorting things out ... I feel like he's not putting any effort into us ... he broke up with me initially after 4 years for no apparent reason and me being the nice girl I am took him back without putting up much of a fight I feel like he has the upperhand and he feels like he can do as he pleases... he told me that he's purposely giving me a hard time :S ... why would he say that ? ...give me some ideas on what to talk to him about because sometimes I feel as if our conversations aren't very interesting.


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  • People change. Maybe you are jsut not the same person you were back then. Or maybe he just kept you on the back burner while he went after other girls. If he doesn't respect you or really put forth any effort, maybe he just isn't into you but wants you know what. Maybe back then you were more tolerable to his personality, and now you have gotten older and require more from your man. As far as what to talk about with each other, I would have to say common interests? Maybe how your day was? If you don't have much to talk about now what do you think it would be like when you are both older and been around each other so often there is really nothing left to say. Sounds like you too don't have much passion. Just my opinion though. Hope this helps.


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