Fellas, is this acceptable to you?

So my girlfriend is going rollerblading around town with her ex this weekend. She didn't tell me and I had to find out. I really think skating is more of an intimate thing. Besides I think last time they hung out, he grabbed on her breast. I know this guy is still really into her. They were together for 3 years, and she tells me its done, and they are only friends now.

What do you guys think?


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  • No drama but the grabbing should not be repeated: a habit he has to get rid off urgently.

  • Well you have to ask yourself what is she getting out of the relationship with her ex? Why does she keep him around.

    I'm very dubious about this situation and it's one I have been in myself.

    An Ex is exactly that, you shouldn't be dragging them in to a new relationship it will always cause friction especially as it seems there's still a connection between them.

    In all honesty she should have more respect for you and your relationship, If I was in your position I would have calm and collected talk with her. Tell her how you feel about her ex boyfriend being around and how you feel the relationship is perhaps inappropriate (carefully) .

    I think her response to this would be very telling.

    If she continues this friendship It could have an adverse effect on you, its not nice to be in a relationship where the wolves are always at the door.

    • Well when she told me about him grabbing her breast, I asked what did she do and she said that she told him not to do it again. I was pretty pissed when she told me that and I mentioned that I wasn't cool with that.

      She tells me she's done and over this guy, but I am pretty sure she still even contacts him from time to time. WTF!

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