Where did I go wrong?

So I hooked up with a girl I had liked for a while over the hols and we pretty much spent the next four nights at each others places. She seemed really into me (as I was her). The next couple of weeks we saw less of each other (and I also went on another date) but still met up a couple of times and spent a couple of nights at hers. She found out about the other date and seemed upset but as we weren't officially dating I thought it was OK. I apologised that I had upset her and suggested we start seeing each other exclusively and she agreed. We are in seperate colleges so lived around 3 hours away. Everything seemed fine at first, we went on a few dates but then she started contacting me less and less. We weren't speaking everyday as I didn't want to smother her but once I stopped contacting her, she wouldn't contact me. Eventually we broke up because she said she was too busy. I'm confused where it went wrong? She told me she really liked me so why the sudden change of direction? Can girls just change their minds? I keep thinking it was my fault for not calling/texting her and that maybe she thought I lost interest but surely she couldv'e just text /called me just as easily right?


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  • Sounds like it was more of a fling for her and she wasn't invested enough to make a long distance relationship work.

    • that's what I figured. It was just unusual as she rang me to say she has feelings for me (which I've never had a girl do before!) so I thought she must have liked me. But I agree the LDR might have killed it tbh. Ah well c'est la vie!

  • it just means she is not into u... and nothing else...

    the truth is bitter but its better you accept it

    • I guess your right!

      But now after 2 weeks NC she has started texting me again. It's confusing but maybe should keep ignoring her? Does she just not know what she wants or because their is nothing else on the cards?

    • oh well... you always wonder what the other erson is doing when you start NC. maybe she just wants to check whether you are available fr her or not...whether you have moved or not. don't play games and dnt let neone else play such mind games with u

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