Is it wrong for my best friend to love her ex stepbrother?

okay so my friend is in love with her ex step brother and she's 13 and he's 19 and I don't know what to tell her help please I want sum good advice from boys and girls

to add to it the guys's ex fiannce is claming she's pregnet and he's getting a disnarable discharge from the army for skiping out on a service to spend time with the ex fiannce and my friend thinks he was cheating on her when they were going out
and he's liveing with the ex fiannce and his phone broke so my friends only contact with the guy is through email and she's really upset about it all and is thinking about killing her self for it all and he promised her marrage and stuff& he took her v-card
plus the ex fanicee thinks she pregnet with the guys baby


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  • I think you need to sit down with your friend and write out a pros and cons list. Write down everything like age, distance to travel, how they meet up.

    Usually if you can place all the cons out people will realize the consequences of going out with this fellow. On the same note. the Pros can help her figure out if he is worth the cons. Just keep legal matters in mind and everything is a factor.

  • the problem I see here is internal family issues within a relationship, since she has a history with 2 members...this complicates moving past the ex more

    this isn't wrong, but it is something for her to consider


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