Should I let him know how I feel or would it make me look desperate?

There's this guy that I really like, we have a great connection and so many similarities. We both agreed that we're practically mirror images of each other, having interests and conversations about history, the meaning of life, politics, religion, etc. I've never had a strong connection with anyone before, and he makes me feel like life was worth living for...he's gone as far as to say we're soul mates and we're meant to be, always texting me telling me I'm beautiful and that he misses me whenever we go nights without talking to each other. He's pretty much established that he's really into me since he told all of his friends and family.

This is when we haven't met yet, since it was school break and he went home to stay with his parents. After the break, we hung out. It was awkward for me, because I am shy but it felt like he had a wall up and that made things more awkward. I didn't consider it a date so I didn't expect him to ask me out. But later that night he didn't call or text me, I just brushed it off, since I knew he was tired. The next day, nothing, and I texted him asking what was up. He was very hesitant, and he told me that he doesn't want to be in a relationship now even though he thought he did.

I am really crushed, everyone is telling me to take it easy, but the type of person I am, I really want to let him know how I feel. I'm giving him space, it's been a week since he told me that and we haven't talked since. I'm considering writing him a letter, but I'm not sure if it's the right move or not. Would it make me look pushy and desperate?


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  • I think you just need to be a bit open to him. Say things and give him opportunities to compliment you and make him feel good. When he feels he has the opportunity to give you a compliment he will feel more confident in pursuing you. Try and be supportive of you two going out to do normal "date" like activities and everything should go just fine.

    If you need me to elaborate more just mention it. Rate up if it was helpful!


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