How soon into a relationship would you move in with the other person?

Basically what the question asks... just tell me what you think the soonest you should move in with that special someone?


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  • When I had a ring on my finger and prenup signed. Before that you're just asking to be a convenience.

    I realize I'm going to get scathing responses for this attitude, but I really think that one of the reasons relationships fail so rapidly is because too many people move in too soon, have sex too soon, and skip the "getting to know you stage". If you don't want to get married to the person why are you living with them? If you don't believe in marriage, that's fine, then you should wait at least a year before moving in with them.

    • I agree I figured taking the necessary time was the right thing to do instead of jump the gun.

    • thanks! no I agree completely with you... I think everyone moves to fast... I'm not one that likes to move fast I move pretty slow actually cause marriage to me is a big deal... so yeah but I'm just with someone who wants me to move in but I'm not ready I just wanted to see how other people felt and what they thought about moving in and how early it should happen

    • Good luck. It's a big decision, good to hear you are thinking it through and getting all of the facts before making that leap. You're one of the smart ones :)

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  • I believe after you have been together for a good while and have gone through many good and bad times, and you both feel like you know each other well enough. I would also advise that both of you be financially independent and not move in with each other because you think you'll be saving money.

    • thanks that help to hear from a guys point of view... I totally agree with you about everything... I know I'm not ready so it won't happen untill I'm completely sure

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  • i would like to move in after he asked me to marry him then be engaged for 2 years before marrage so we know what we are like to live with! some marrages fail becuase of that! ad moving in before that is good too!

    i would say if you feel you both wanna take that serious step together! don't just say move in with me just ask the other person how they feel about your relaionship and if they want to take the next time! so your both comfortable with what your doing! and that could be whenever!

  • hmm it depends on the person and you. my boyfriend moved in with me when we were together for a month because we couldn't stand being apart. now we're 9 months together and we're still happy and in love


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