Is there even a point in talking to an ex, when they don't make the effort to talk to you first?

my ex and I have been broken up for about 6 months. he has a new girlfriend, but I don't think its extremely serious? I see him almost everyday. is it a good idea to just ignore him because he doesn't talk to me at all, so I'm guessing he wants nothing to do with me.


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  • Nah don't 'ignore him' because that's just childish if you don't feel it within yourself to do so and it will look like you are struggling to do it, and that will look really obvious.

    When you see him just don't look at him much - don't 'avoid' him, but don't ignore him either. If he smiles at you then smile back. Sooner or later he will realize you are a GOOD person and you didn't really need him like he may have thought. Then he will warm up to you again, even if only as friends, unless it ended badly.

    But however - - you will feel better about yourself in the end.

  • no there's not point at all. just ignore him how he's ignoring you. its hurting you right? so return the hurt and make him feel like crap, even though you might think he doesn't care, he def does. There's a small part of him wanting you to talk to him so if you wanna make him feel like crap like he has made you.. ignore him.

    -That's what I did and my ex finally apologized to me. well apologized two years later.. I was surprised he did. lol


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