Why do I miss him so much?

i had a boyfriend about two years ago and we were so great together, we spoke everyday, he was my best friend and my boyfriend. but we broke up (long story) and it was a really bad break up and I haven't spoke to hem since.

Ive been out with other guys since then, but most of them are just not what I'm looking for and I'm forever comparing them to my ex.

I thought I was over him, but every month or so I think about how it used to be and I get upset.

What does this mean? Do I still like him? Or is this just natural?


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What Guys Said 1

  • I wish I knew if my ex ever thought about me and compares other men to me cause I was so awesome hah. Oh well.

    And to me it does sound like you still really are into him, but I'd say don't bother getting back with him. It probably will never be good again.

    • lol,

      yeah I don't want to get back with him, it really wouldn't be the same.

      i just really want to get over him and I don't know how aha

    • Cut him outta your life for now and focus on another hobby/interest/work/school/etc and you'll get over him. When you are, then you can try for friendship if you want.

What Girls Said 1

  • getting over a break up isn't easy trust me :/..but with time ull heal so just b patient don't worry if it takes a while you have to go through the pain and not pretend your feeling okay when your diein inside that's not good because then you never truly heal..just give it time I promise ull b alight :)..nd if you want him bk that's a different story O.o because you guys did go out for a long time and I bet you guys really luved each other..so if you do then try to get him bk in your life and see if there's still a spark there ..best of luck (:

    • thankyou hun,

      its just fustrating because as soon as I think I'm over him, something happens and all these feelings and emotions come flooding back.

      but yeah I'll just give it some time, x

    • welcome (:

      yeah I kno what you mean I've been there :/

      haha good :D! trust me there's a sh*t load of other fish in the sea lol

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