Do I still have a chance?

Okay. basically I'm a REALLY outgoing guy, it was the first time I met this girl in college and I really liked her, so I just kept on talking to her like I knew her for years already. It went good for about 30 minutes and then after that, she started to put her ipod on. I know, I shoulda left, but I was so into her, I kept on talking and she took them back off again. She did this several times and after a while she said she was gonna head to the library. I followed her. STUPID ME!

Anyways, that was the first time I met her, second time I seen her after class, we talked for a bit and I asked her if she would want to go for lunch. She rejected. OF COURSE! I just told her to have a good weekend after. I know I screwed up.

I know I creeped her out. But she's in my english class and that's it. After class I try to time myself to get out the door the same time as her. And I start the talking, she still talks to me. Ask her how her weekend was today, and she started telling me about her weekend.

Do I still have a chance with her? Or is she just being nice and has to talk to me cause she's in the same class as me? Once you creep a girl out, do they give you a second chance? Or is that it?

I have tried to hold myself back a lot, like today I talked to her after class for a bit and I pretty much ditched her afterwards saying I'll see her tomorrow and just went to the library.

Girls, what do you think? Am I done with this girl or do I have another chance if I keep holding back and maybe she'll find out I'm NOT a creep?!
Do I still have a chance?
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