Why did he leave me for her?

MY ex boyfriend acted like he really liked me.Until his ex girlfriend came into town and then he acted like he couldn't stand me.Note he talked about he didn't wanna be with her because she drank to much.But now they are back together.And it is really hurting me that he lied to me.What should I do to try and let it go?


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  • I had a similar situation once with an ex, but it was even worse and at the time, I was heartbroken. It did hurt and stuff and there really is no way to make it suddenly better. The best thing you can do is just keep your mind occupied, talk to friends and family, do interesting or fun things and after a while, you will realize you're worth twice what he is and you'll wonder why you wasted your time with a loser. Honest, if people can say 1 thing to you and then do something like that, they don't deserve you. Keep your chin up :)


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