When is a rebound no longer a rebound? Did you fall back in love after being with someone else?

Have you ever left a LTR and immediately gone into another? How long did it last? Did you go back? What were the circumstances?
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  • Most of my relationships have been one after the other... I don't plan it that way, it just happens that way.

    Two months after a three year relationship ended I was already with someone else. But I got over my ex extremely quickly. I only cried for him the night of the break up, and was only sad about it for a week or two, and then it was almost smooth sailing. So that relationship preceding that one lasted 6 months and he was the one who ended that. It's been like 3 weeks since the break up and I'm feeling pretty good... I've met someone who is amaaaazing since then, but... we'll see :P He's so fantastic. SO fantastic. SOOO FANTASTIC. But I'm not expecting anything anymore lol

    Let's just see how it goes :P


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