Is he over his ex-girlfriend?

So I am seeing this guy- not officially dating/in a relationship, just getting to know each other stage. He used to like me in the beginning of the year, but at the time I just wasn't interested in anyone. He moved on to this girl who lives 2 hours away. Their relationship lasted like 8 weeks. And I started to like him and then he started to like me back again. I mentioned to him, that I thought we should take it slow between us, since he just got out of a relationship with the last girl. He told me her stopped liking her a while before they were officially broken up because of some issues the two of them were having with each other. His ex and him aren't facebook friends anymore. But he did post two pictures of them on his facebook while they were dating. He's deleted some other random pictures on his facebook, but he has still kept those pictures up. Also, I was looking through his phone, and I saw that he texted her saying "you move on pretty quick, congrats" (I'm guessing she's already in a relationship with a new guy). Those are the only things that make me question whether he's over her or not. He's never mistakenly called me by his ex girlfriends name and he's never talked about her or anything, unless I've brought it up. But even if her name does come up, it's only for a little bit, nothing big.


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  • He might be but who knows?! Only he does


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  • Unless you want to be the next ex girlfriend in his life back off for a while. When he's ready to be in a serious relationship with you and not just use you as a rebound he will contact you.

    • no, this is because he will be attached to her until he sleeps with another girl. Let it be you and he will be attached to you. So there is your answer.

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