He's a distraction - guys' advice, let's hear it?

I lived with my ex for a year been together for 3 he was a compulsive liar and cheater I accepted his apologies he just f***ed me over once again by having another girl at his house claiming it was his sisters friend which I believe she never did like me. he finally told me that he was talking to her then he sends me a picture of them kissing hugging has her call me to talk "sh*t" when she's the one who only got upset she was treating me like an intruder in my own f***ing relationship which he let her that's another reason why I can't stand him she wanted me to change my number? wtf so she had him change is number which is fine with me a month later I'm at work he calls claiming he just wants to see how I was I said I was fine he said he was with her but he was talking to me well she was asleep wow what a view on the other side I saw who he was he did that to me the hole time I was happy and relieved to meet this person I thought I had been in love with he turned everyone in his family to believe I was bad when he was doing damage I was so upset this 20 year old had this 25 year old talking sh*t to me when it seems so unbelievable that she was so lame that she attacked me I tell him to move on I am curious why he still calls me claiming he loves me when he damaged our relationship for a "woman" who he didn't even know for very long. it hurts I miss his company but life will go on


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  • end the relationship and show him you can find better.


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  • He still calls because he's the type of guy who will always want a woman after him. It will never be enough and he doesn't want you, he wants to feel wanted.

    Stay strong girl, you can do better and you deserve better.


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